Throwback Thursday: Just One More Drift

We’re officially in the belly of winter here in Missoula, which brings what feels like a never-ending cycle of thaws and freezes, open water one day and iced up the next. The Bitterroot has been sharing some fish lately, with midge hatches on the right day and deep nymphing working in the open holes. Rock Creek is wading well if you can find a hole, but for most of Missoula the ski mountains beckon guides in between shifts of their holdover winter jobs. Is it too early to be thinking about the skwala hatch? For most sane folks, the answer is yes. But if you’re a trout bum with a vise in front of you, the answer will surely be hell no.
With the constant grey cloud cover of the infamous Missoula inversion hanging low today, it would be easy to reminisce on sunny, damn near sweltering July days when the bug hatches are thick and the trout are willing. But it’s throwback thursdays like today that make grinding it out in a chilly rain look good, and getting that last drift over a choice hole (you know, the one that’s iced over now) sounds just about perfect. So here’s to throwing it back to drizzly floats and hooking up with lazy trout in tough holes, with a #TBT shot of Grizzly Hackle guide Matt Brynn edging his boat along a perfect wood-covered hole last season on the Bitterroot.

Grizzly Hackle guide Matt Brynn puts his boat where you wish you could be for his clients on the Bitterroot during a blustery, cloudy day last season.

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