Must See TV

Thursday nights in the 90s, “Must See-TV” meant “Friends”, “Seinfeld”, and whatever the hell they put in between them. Now that streaming what-you-want-to-watch-when-you-want-to-watch-it is all the rage, you can point the browser toward something really worth watching: Expert fly fishermen sharing their knowledge online. And in that new “Must See TV” category, we’ve got this awesome YouTube video from Bighorn Anglers own Steve Galleta, “Fly Fishing Guide to the Bighorn River”.

Want expert advise? Got it. Want concise, no-bullshit fact backed up by countless hundreds of days on the water? Got it. This is the kind of video that provides just that and more. This isn’t just a quick look at fishing on a particular river, a breeze by the hatches and some la dee da, this is the real deal from an expert guide on a river known for monster hatches, monster fish, and the kind of trips office daydreams are made of.

 Whether you’re planning a trip to the Bighorn this season or still daydreaming, you’ll get what you’re after with this video. And if you’re like me, the kind of trout bum that salivates at the thought of inside knowledge and the secrets to big fish on little flies you’ll be watching this one again and again. Outside of the amazing advice for the Bighorn itself is plenty of advice that is sure to applicable to your home waters and hatches. If you’re lucky enough to be headed that way this season, be sure to give Bighorn Anglers a shout to let ’em know when you’ll be booking your trip.


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