Something Seems Fishy…

This time of year, my instagram feed is filled with smiling anglers with big chrome in their hands, ski bums neck deep in powder, and a whole lot of sandwiches. Why does everyone need to take photos of their lunch? It’s just not very nice to brag about your overstuffed ciabatta with the delicious dipping sauce while the rest of us poor guides are brown bagging it and waiting for those first trips of the season to finally get here.

Catch some fish? Fine, I want to see it. Got barreled at a famous surf spot? Yep, even Charlie wants to see that, and Charlie don’t surf. Ate a burrito? Cool it, holmes. Lets not waste anymore precious pixels on your dining choices. I ate already.

This dude is fishy. Montana guide John Wilcox with a big strip of chrome and not a sandwich in sight. Oregon runs sound good about now. Photo via TeaBoil


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