Tuesday Tutorial: Royal Wulff

While the elegant Royal Wulff can be a frustrating tie, it is one of the most satisfying and effective flies you can produce yourself. Sure, the upright wings and delicate peacock body can be difficult to master. But with the right techniques this fly can be tied relatively quickly. Very few flies are as effective in the water. Very few flies will give you as much pride in your tying as a well-executed Royal Wulff either. This tutorial from Tightline Video has all the usual highlights of their excellent productions- great tips, simple instructions, and enough closeups of the action to make the many steps of this fly simple. Mind you, this isn’t necessarily a fly for a beginner to attempt, but once you’re familiar with a few of the materials it’s worth stepping up your game to tie your own beauties. For the novice, start with larger sizes – they are effective flies and having room to work with the larger hooks can help you master the steps before economizing them for the smaller sizes. Whatever size you choose to tie, this fly will surely find it’s place in your flybox, and in a fish’s jaw at a river near you.


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