Throwback Thursday: Clouds Now, Sun Later

With the spring fishing heating up in Missoula along with the temperatures, it seems winter’s grip on the valleys has finally broken. Sure, we’re in for lots more rain and some more snow if we’re lucky, and there’s runoff ahead and all, but taking a fish on the top in skinny water tends to push thoughts of winter and layers of polypro to the back of your mind in a hurry. With reports of great fishing and great weather coming from all over the place in western Montana this week, we wouldn’t blame you if you underdressed for the weekend. Don’t break out the Chacos just yet, hippie. This weekend should stay relatively warmer but don’t count on it staying dry. It is still March in Montana, mind you. Wear the layers, keep the waders on and the rain jacket handy, and whack some trout. But while you’re standing knee deep in the drizzle, have hope! The summer fishing season will here before you know it. Here’s to spring rain and snowpack, and the great fishing it brings in summer, and a little Throwback Thursday shot to remind you that Montana is a damn good place to spend your time on the river in the summer. Enjoying a break in the summer action to catch some rays and crack a beer in the Clacka. Fun in any season.

With the warm weather we’ve been having this March, the high summer doesn’t seem so far away.
#TBT to an afternoon in July 2014 floating the Blackfoot confluence.

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