Montana Trout Outfitter’s "The Wood Shed"

Some guides tie flies in the off season. Some guides hold down the corner seat at the bar in winter. Then there’s the kind of guides that take it to the next level when snow flies, and build their own boats. Karl Jones is not only one of the best guides in western Montana, but he builds a heck of a wooden boat too at Bitterroot Boat Works. This short video shot by Tony Reinhardt of Montana Trout Outfitters gives the viewer a quick peek into the care and precision that goes into keeping you afloat on the water, and is a nice diversion during a busy work week. Here in Missoula the snow has been flying intermittently, and though fish are still being caught through it all, it ‘s early spring in Montana, and you certainly shouldn’t leave the long underwear behind. But if you’re grinding it away behind a desk or flipping burgers, wishing you were on the river the end is near. Take a break from the fish porn and see how a master boat builder makes the time go by.


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