Tuesday Tutorial: Bonus Bugmeister

The rivers are bumping and settling, and doing it again all over on a daily basis right now, but the fishing is still happening with some great days being reported by some anglers and slumps from others- all depending on where you choose to fish and how you choose to do it. If you’re in it for the dry fly eats, then choose wisely and stick with it. Choosing the right fly is important, and slim-bodied skwala patterns are still working well, with larger mayflies accounting for some nice fish as well. That said, one fly that you shouldn’t be without this time of year and throughout the season is John Perry’s classic, the Bugmeister. (And since I’ve featured the Slumpbuster not once but twice as a Tuesday Tutorial, I figured a second dose of tying tips was due for those who read the blog regularly.) As always, Tightlines does an amazing job with this video tutorial, and while the results may not be exactly what John and his belly Brunhilda came up with, it is a great version nonetheless. I like to tie these with a thin all peacock body for the skwala hatch, and it works great during the more prolific stonefly hatches as well. The Bugmeister is buoyant and big, and can handle a dropper easily. But it also has a great profile as a big bite of protein for a trout. It’s just an all around great attractor, and coming up with your own variation will provide some serious satisfaction at the vise. Experiment with body materials and away you go.


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