Weekend Warrior: Keep on Dropping in the Free World

Great spring fishing is here in western Montana, and this weekend is your time! Our rivers are dropping, clearing, and putting smiles faces. With cold nights and warm days, the fish are willing to move and are taking dries all across the map. If you want to hold a prehistoric beast of a fish the streamer game on the Blackfoot is happening, and the nymph rig is working in all the right places. Rock Creek is in awesome shape and anglers that have hit it right have found risers willing all day. It is all playing here though, with the nymph rig pulling in numbers while the dry fly has been better as the day goes on. The Creek is busy this time of year, so choose your spot and don’t be too upset if another angler comes along and nudges in. Move to a new spot, and you’ll find more river. It’s all good.

Oh dear lord someone help me with this mess. Someone left the big meat cooler open and it’s starting to stink.
The streamer game is doing work on the Blackfoot. Plan your missed work excuses accordingly. 

 The Bitterroot is seeing the majority of the traffic, but that’s with good reason as the bugs and fish are all in line for tossing your favorite spring bugs. Fish are seeing a lot of those “I Had All Winter To Think About Skwalas And Tie This Pattern” flies.  Every variety of skwala pattern is getting dunked these days, so choose your weapon wisely to find the fish. Darker patterns? Thinner patterns? Find the one that works and stick with it. This is a popular time of year down there, so don’t be a mess at the boat ramp, give the wade anglers a wide berth and enjoy the weekend. Stay safe and stay dry. 
The Clark Fork above town sure looks great, and could be your ticket to solitude with a boat if you’re willing to take a chance. The fishing is getting better and better everywhere you look, and even the Lower Clark Fork could see a boat or two this weekend getting into fish. This is a great time to dial in that streamer cast and find some willing takers, but the dry fly fishing could be there in pockets, and if you stick with it and look to the backwaters, there are bugs about and fish eating. 
The Missouri is seeing great fishing, but who wants to go over the hill when all of our local waters are in play? It’s all good and if you’re feeling the call of a weekend sleeping in the truck and a beer at the bar over in Craig, they got one waiting for ya.
Don’t forget BWOs, Drakes, and March Browns to get those picky fish, and stash a couple of flies to swing at them as a last resort. Sometimes a dead-drifted bugger or a soft hackle swung in front of them will get them to move when all else fails. Point at a river on the map and get there, because spring fishing has hit.

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