Tuesday Tutorial: Chickabugger

These days, a quick perusal of the streamer bin at your favorite fly shop can be a little overwhelming. Big, bulky flies with everything but the kitchen sink tied in for action, gnarly hooks and big price tags are just some of the perks of streamer shopping, and oftentimes the flies are difficult for a novice caster to get to where the fish are without a few near misses on the old dome. That’s why I like to carry a wider selection of light patterns that give the suggestion of size while utilizing materials in proven fish-fooling ways. When it comes to great streamer materials, maribou is king. It can be tied in huge chunks that add very little weight, and underwater it pulses and flows like a wounded fish better than almost anything. This week’s Tuesday Tutorial is a fly made up of maribou and not a lot else- and it works great for this time of year when visibility is an issue, but fish are hungry and moving on the big stuff.

Clark “Cheech” Pierce needs no introduction among web-head fly tyers. As host of the popular “Fly Fish Food” site, his innovative patterns are seen by thousands of tyers, and a few of his signature flies are offered by Rainey’s Fly Co. who always provide a quality product. This Cheech pattern might not be his most famous, but it is a great simple tie for a lightweight, smaller streamer that can do serious work during those periods of off-color water that happen oh… Every three days in western Montana in spring. Grab your vise and start spinning some maribou, and carry a few of these lightweight and effective flies in your box now. Easy casting, fish fooling, streamer bliss.


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