Rivers Up, Still Looking Up

This spring’s weather might have the local meteorologist flummoxed, but is sure makes for some fine fishing. We’re seeing bumps in steady increments this week, but the nights have stayed cool and the fish are still very willing to take whatever is on the menu. Streamer fiends are getting their tug prescriptions filled in big ways on the Blackfoot, the lower Clark Fork has skwala eating rainbows and chunky browns gorging, and the Bitterroot has consistently been full of smiling faces on guide boats. (Some other boats don’t seem so happy. That’s what guides are for.)

Sunday floats with the whole crew and a few of these fellas are always welcome.

The fishing is good. Will it stay good? Yep. It’ll take some good choices on the water you fish as the rivers come up, but barring a full dump of heavy runoff and nights stay cool, things should be shaping up very nicely in our neighborhood. We’ve been lucky with a long period of great spring fishing though, and doesn’t that mean it has to end sometime soon? We hope not. The Orvis heads are in town and the fish have got to be smart enough to run and hide from the onslaught of the Guide Rendezvous, right? They can sense that stuff. Trouts are all business.


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