Tuesday Tutorial: Mylar Prince Nymph

You’ve got to have a go-to flashy nymph. One with a slim profile. One with great segmentation. One with a wing bud that makes it pop. Mine is a variation on the Mylar Prince Nymph, by Clark Pierce. Though I substitute some CDC and antron for a couple of the materials, this fly straight off the vise will catch fish. Time and again in the bucket water of the lower Blackfoot I’ve watched fish come up for the dry and choose the flashy nymph below it. This fly fools big fish, and is one of my go-to droppers during bright sunny days when the Chubby Chernobyl and other big attractors bring them up. As always, this tutorial by Fly Fish Food is excellent. This is a simple tie, and one that you’ll appreciate having a dozen of in the box. Most often I tie them in the 14-16 range, though smaller certainly would be a good imitation of the smaller mayflies we so often see in western Montana. Whip a few up and give them a dunk. You’ll be pulling them out of fish lips in no time.


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