Fish, Consider This Your Warning.

There be guides aplenty at Charlie B’s, and even more on the horizon. That’s right you dumb trout pirates, the Orvis Guide Rendezvous is back in town. God help us all. This year the onslaught to our rivers is coming at a time when the spring fishing might be the best in years. This week’s nights aren’t cooling to where I’d like them to be (Which is sub-zero) but the rivers are taking a lot of heat during the day and any cool off is welcome. The fish are still there, and there is so much water to find them in this year. Pike on the lower Clark Fork? Damn straight. Browns on the Blackfoot? Uh huh. Cutties smashing dry flies on Rock Creek? We got that too.

Plenty of these to go around. See what’s out there and have a great Rendezvous, guidey types.

The annual onslaught of outfitters, guides, shop owners, and Orvis heads due to arrive on our local rivers any second now will see more boats on the water, so stay safe and stay happy. Locals, help out that boat full of scruffy dudes with the Colorado tags and a fresh river map. They won’t be here long, and they know the deal. Plenty of fishing to go around. Though if you’re a weekend warrior this might be the weekend to hit some new out of the way water, far from the herd. Or do us all a favor and scoot around the back sloughs of the lower Clark Fork and rip out some pike. It’s that time of year too, and the big torpedo pike are on the hunt. You should be too. 

If you’re from away and coming to town, don’t hesitate to ask a local for some directions to some good water (You’re looking at it. The Clark Fork runs through town.), directions to a great fly shop (Grizzly Hackle. 215 West Front.), or directions to a good watering hole (Montgomery Distillery. Right down the street from the Hackle.) Locals in Missoula are a friendly bunch, and a whole heck of a lot of them live to fish as much as you do. The truth is, Missoula is still a hell of a town. Great fly fishing, great fly shops, great food, and great bars, great people. Welcome to town, OGR15 crew. Let’s have some fun out there. 

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