Tuesday Tutorial: Micro Chaos Hopper

Walter White makes some seriously high-quality meth. Walter Wiese, he ties some seriously high-quality flies. It’s important not to get the two mixed up. When I start filling the guide boxes for the season, I always have some grand visions of the row upon row of various hopper patterns I’ll have ready for my trips come August. More often than not, by the time August comes the trout of western Montana have chewed through a good chunk of ’em, and I’m faced with empty slots and a trip in the morning with a couple of dudes I know will be “wind releasing” a whole lot of flies.

I need a fast tying hopper, and I need a lot of them. And when the water gets skinny in August, I need some smaller hoppers that can be punched tight to the banks and every log, rock and riffle in the river. The Micro Chaos Hopper, or the Bob Hopper, is one that gets my vote for all of the above. Patterns don’t come much easier and economical with the materials, and they don’t get much fishier than a little tan or pink hopper that fishes well throughout the season. Grab the vise and whip out a handful of these flies now, before you get busy in August. But don’t think you won’t be tying another handful mid-season. These flies plain work, but like a good number of their guide fly brethren, they tend to find a lot of freedom with a faulty cast as well. Set them free, or put them in a trout’s lip. Fine by me, I got a whole shitload of them. For the moment.


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