Wild Steelheaders United

Ask a Montana fly fishing guide what he does in the winter, and you’re going to start a conversation about steelhead fishing. Like it or not. Heck, if you’re talking to a fishing guide about what they do when they aren’t guiding, you were in for it anyway. For many trout guides, when the trout season ends, the thought of steelhead runs in the pacific Northwest and Idaho pull them like magnets.

Steelhead are those rugged travelers that swim 800 miles to spawn, and set anglers on fire wherever they do so. Steelhead are not salmon, they are the upper echelon of the Rainbow Trout. They can head to the wide open ocean and return to rivers to spawn multiple times in their lifetime. Or they can do it once. Every fish is important to keeping that cycle going. If you don’t believe me, ask a real scientist. Like the dudes at Wild Steelheaders United. There is no more respected scientists on the issues that threaten wild steelhead than the ones working with Wild Steelheaders United. They will tell you: Conservation efforts to protect habitat is essential to the survival of the species, and for the enjoyment of generations of anglers to come.

Getting involved is the first step, and the first step is easy with Wild Steelhead United. They’ve written a simple, straightforward credo that tells it like it is. You can sign it at their web site. You don’t have to donate to do so. But if you’re so compelled to, your level of involvement is limitless. Watch the video and click the links. Do the first step, and protect wild steelhead where they run.


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