Scumliner’s "Streamers Inc."

“This used to be a dry fly town, and unfortunately it’s gone the other way,” Mark Raisler, says. As Co-Owner of Headhunters Fly Shop and Guide Service on the Missouri river, Mark is on the front lines of what locals now refer to as, “The Streamer Wars.” One of the highlight films of the “Down the Hatch Fly Fishing Festival” this past weekend in Missoula was this newest offering from the boys over in Craig. This film has it all: Flash, fish, and deadly marabou.

Photo by Headhunter’s Fly Shop

Like their ski/fish combination film before it, the savvy documentary filmmakers at Scumliner Media are pointing their lenses at one of the most infamous subcultures on the rivers of Montana, and all over the country. Black market streamer guys look out: they’ve got you in their sights. Local Field, Wildlife and Parks officers and fly anglers have a name for them: streamer junkies. Dealers who get fly on their own supply and sling the flash. Lip ripping, tug is the drug, real scary stuff. A burgeoning black market for illicit streamers has taken over the Missouri Some towns as small as Craig, Montana would want to avoid talking about the effects black market streamer sales are having on their community, but these brave filmmakers have shone a light under the bed of this sleepy town, and you’ll be transfixed by what they’ve found. I give this film Four Barbs out of Four Barbs, my highest rating. The entire production deserves recognition from our highest institutions, and I have passed my opinions on to my friends at the Film Academy. Together, I hope we can address this growing problem, and recognize the boys over in Craig as the true American filmmaking heroes that they are.


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