April on the Fly: Missoula Fly Fishing Video

The skwala bins are empty, the waders are still wet, and the drives back from the river are getting shorter. Has this spring been an epic one for fly fishing in western Montana? Hell yes. Those anglers who are getting out at the right time are finding willing dry fly eats from bank to bank, and through the bumps the streamer bite has been there in a big way. Now it’s time to sit back and watch the results of this amazing spring and the great fishing we’ve had.

Photo and video by Dan Mahoney, owner and outfitter of Missoula on the Fly.

 The boys at Missoula on the Fly have been tearing it up from the Mo to damned if I know, and they’ve got some fun Gopro footage to check out from some of their recent trips. Dan Mahoney and John Gould guide a pair of sticks from Texas, and the trout are willing and plentiful. A great quick-hit video with lots of great trout eats in beautiful places. This should get you through your trout fix this morning, and ready for the weekend. Check out Missoula on the Fly and get ready to spend your Friday workday dreaming of the trout you’ll get this weekend.


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