Video Treat: Scumliner’s "Always Worth The Trip"

For so many anglers, the Blackfoot river is “the” river. A freestone river that cuts through the ponderosa pines and winding canyons like it was created by an angler for an angler. It plays a major role in the sacred book of our people – “A River Runs Through It.” Many legends are told of the Blackfoot, many of them over beers at Charlie B’s in Missoula, where the fish grow with each retelling. The Blackfoot will always be my first choice when it comes to fishing in the Missoula area. Not because it is the best fishing, the easiest to navigate, or holds the biggest fish. It’s about knowing every run, every hole and every season on the river and still knowing nothing at all. It’s a special place to live and work, and a great river to fish.

Scumliner’s “Always Worth the Trip” is always worth a viewing. Screenshot via Headhunters Fly Shop.

The boys over in Craig know how special the Blackfoot is, and despite being on the banks of the fish factory known as the Missouri river, every so often throughout the season they pop over the hill and hit the box canyon for some awesome freestone fishing. Their latest Scumliner Media video, “Always Worth the Trip” might be a bit more serious than their last offering, “Streamers, Inc.” but it is every bit as entertaining, and gets to the meat of the matter: what it is to fish these freestone wonders. Take a listen. And plan your next trip up the Blackfoot. It’s green and fishing great right now…


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