Newsflash: Runoff Cancelled. Resume Dry Fly Slinging.

Rivers are on the drop in western Montana, and barring a big storm or tropical weather, it looks like the big push of water might be running out of steam. Was it the runoff that never was? Probably. Fishing has been good to gooder for the majority of the spring, with a never-ending skwala hatch on the lower Clark Fork and mayfly hatches of bugs on the Bitterroot that look like they spent all winter bulking up in the gym and drinking muscle milk. Sure, waters have been high and off color. But the muddy stuff isn’t lasting long, so us dirtbag guides took it into our own hands and called the whole thing off.

Salmonflies are going to be big and early this year. I called it in for you. 

That’s right, this year we cancelled runoff just so you could get into some fish in the early season. You have nobody to thank but me personally, since I made the call myself. You’re welcome. Resume dry fly fishing in the back eddies and slow stuff, and start packing those big bugs because we’re hearing rumors of all day salmonfly bites in the right places, and the full hatch might be right around the corner. Plan accordingly.


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