Tuesday Tutorial: Troth Stone

We’re about any minute now from salmonfly madness on the rivers of western Montana, and that means if you want to get into some fish early you’ve got to get ahead of the hatch and drop a good bottom-rolling stonefly pattern into the soft edges. Sure, you can grab a handful of rubberlegs and that will most likely work out fine, but sometimes it’s nice to have a killer looking fly to show off at the end of the day. The Troth Stone by the legendary fly tier Al Troth is just that kind of fly. It’s not too complicated, it gets down and dirty, and it looks so good in a trout lip you’ll want to zoom in and show it off. While I’m not wild about this tutorial, with it’s bland music and slow steps, I am wild about the fly and for that reason alone it’s worth a watch. Bending the hook is the secret to the fly swimming right and looking like the naturals, and it really does work like a charm in the early salmonfly hatch, and anytime that big stones are rolling along the rocks. Which in western Montana, is pretty much anytime. Tie up a dozen and toss them in the box, and I guarantee it will be one you reach for over the rubberlegs the next time the situation calls for it.


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