Video K-Hole: Epic Montana

It’s Monday. Back to the grind for the weekend warriors. The rivers in western Montana bumped just in time for the weekend, and the summer-like weather broke into chilly winds and spitting rain. You missed your window. What can you do to ease the pain? Well, if you’re stuck in the office today you could always spend a few hours spinning into a youtube video k-hole, but without direction you might start at a pretty little trout video and before you know it you’re watching cats and kids singing Frozen, and nobody wants that. Well, how about starting your trip out right and staying on the right path until the boss comes back from lunch? Sounds good to me. Lets go for the real deal here, straight from some of the hardest working guides in Montana. Try EPIC Montana.

Watch LG and his pals get into trout and give it to you straight. These aren’t videos that pretend every tug on the line is a monster, or act like one cast did the trick and that the spot they’re fishing is a super secret spot only a few people know about. No slow motion boots walking through a field, no bobbers, and no bullshit. This is the real deal of long floats with no action, switching rigs to find what works, and the real truth that the fishing isn’t the only part of a guided trip worth the money. Does that mean these videos are boring? Nope. You can feel confident that spending your work hours avoiding work and watching these videos will leave you hopeful that next weekend, you’ll get into some big browns, and hopefully remind you that any time spent on the water time well spent, even if you haven’t seen your rod bend in the last four outings. You’ll get there. As the saying goes, the sun shines on a different dog’s ass every day. That’s gotta count for something.


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