The Southeast Corner

When you have the hundreds of miles of water that surround Missoula, Montana to choose from, it takes a special kind of desire to head over the hills and find some unique water. The lucky thing for us Montanans is that we don’t have to even leave the state to hit some of the country’s best tailwaters, spring creeks, or just a different freestone. It helps when your state is big. And Montana is real big. With waters around Missoula pushing a lot of mud and moss around this time of year, those trips to far flung corners of the state start to sound pretty damn good. One of the most popular rivers in the southwest corner of the state is the Beaverhead river, one of the five big rivers in the area. And what an area. The Big Hole. The Madison. The Jefferson. The Ruby. None of these rivers suck. All of them do the opposite. 

Follow seasoned southeast Montana guide Mike Stack as he sticks fish in the skinny stuff
 in Scumliner Media’s latest short, “Montana Fishtales”.

But despite the popularity of the region, there is still solitude to be found, and lots of water to explore that will make you feel like you’re the only one whose ever seen it before. Almost twenty years ago, when I was a young and dumb fly angler from the east coast making my way through Montana, I stopped near the Jefferson and fished a stream I found after some blind driving through the hills. It meandered through the prairie with cut banks that seemed to go on forever, with riffles that turned out willing rainbows and browns all day long – until a rancher in a shiny Dodge pulled up and politely informed me that the whole stretch I’d been tromping around on belonged to him. Even where I’d parked the truck. I’m older now, but no less dumb, and this latest video offering from Scumliner Media, “Montana Fishtales,” reminds me of that day, and the beauty of the southwest corner of Montana. Without the rancher giving me the boot, of course. Give it a look, and plan your next aimless wandering accordingly.


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