Weekend Warrior: Making it Count in the Off Color Stuff

We’re looking subsurface this weekend to find fish, due to some bumps in flows and a mixed bag of weather throughout the week. That doesn’t mean we’re casting for the banks and ripping it back with abandon, though. Rather, this weekend its all about slow and low, buggers and worms and streamers dead drifted and twitched. That is, unless you’re headed up Rock Creek where the Salmonfly hatch is moving upriver like a shuttle driver who forgot a rig at the top of the river. Yep, the big bugs are the stars right now, and the creek is on fire. Start out your day underneath with the big stonefly nymphs and if the fish are willing, poke a few up top on dries in the afternoon. It could be your lucky day.

Pretty fish are fun. 

If you’re interested in trying out some of the other local rivers this weekend, stay underneath and stay flexible. While bigger buggers trailing prince nymphs and worms do work, don’t overlook using a streamer like you would a nymph and let that thing bob it’s way through the holes. Seek out the slower water, the seams and the stuff that just looks fishy, and keep your head up. It could be a slow day, or you could find them waiting for a san juan to roll through on every cast. What matters in the off color stuff is keeping your offerings in the zone as long as possible. Cast, stack line, and get a drift that makes it count. Bring along the pinch-on weight of your choice because sometimes the difference between tight lines and blanks is another BB. Get your fly to the fish, and set the hook. Seems like it should be so easy, right?


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