Tuesday Tutorial: PK Stonefly by Mangler

A great bullethead stonefly is a go-to pattern for the rivers of western Montana in the summertime. After skwalas taper off, the salmonflies kick off the fun in early May, and the party continues with golden stones lasting deep into the summer. But a good bullethead pattern will do more than just imitate a stonefly, and can be tossed like a terrestrial when the grassy banks get heavy with hoppers. Something about the bullet-style head just looks plain buggy – the deer hairs trap air and give the bug a good dose of enticement on the surface. It’s like those Friskies commercials when the old lady opens the cat food bag and the kitties come running. Only for fish. Alright, that analogy isn’t the strongest out there, but you get the point. You need some bullethead flies. The guys over at the Missoulian Angler have been putting out some quality tutorials on their Vimeo page lately, and this tutorial on the PK Stonefly is chock full of the quick tips that make tying these things a lot easier than you might think. 

The PK Stonefly, brought to you by the fellas at the Missoulian Angler. 

Straightforward tying tutorial, great bug, good stuff from the MAngler  This is a pattern that works in all sizes and colors of the stonefly spectrum: from big and orange for the salmonflies, to olive and skinny for the skwalas, and most commonly in yellow hues for the golden stones. Tie up a few and toss them in the box, because when things get going with the stonefly hatches, you’re going to want a bunch of them.

PK Stonefly Dry Fy Tying Video from MAngler Media on Vimeo.


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