Dirty Water, Big Bugs

The rivers are running lower than historical averages, but that doesn’t mean a thing when they’re filled with mud from the recent rains and warm weather. There is some great fishing to be had in spots, and not so great fishing in others. Upper drainages are beautiful spots this time of year. The hills are green, the water is cold, and the sun is shining. With weather like we’re having this early June, being on the river is not a bad place to be. The salmonflies are keeping Rock Creek a busy place, and any section of a river that is clearing up is giving up great fishing. Are the salmonflies on the Blackfoot? Sure, but you’re going to have to wait to find the fish keying in on them just yet. Bugs of all shapes and sizes are out and about – almost as many bugs are there are rods waving around on lower Rock Creek on a Saturday. This week should be a good one in western Montana for fly anglers, so make some time to get out to the river and see what you find. 

Willow-covered banks are filling with the big bugs all around western Montana. 

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