Tuesday Tutorial: Eric’s Lady GaGa

When the rivers are on the drop and clearing, you’ve got a great opportunity to find some big fish looking to eat the big stuff. Finding a fly with great action when dead-drifted that you can tuck into spots and entice big eats is always the goal, and Eric’s Lady GaGa from Catch Fly Fishing does a great job of moving water and looking fishy in these types of situations. The Lady GaGa takes the best of a classic streamer like the double bunny, and the best of Kelly Galloup’s spun deer hair heads and mashes them together with a few twists of it’s own. The result is a fish catching, fierce fly that has tons of action and is relatively straightforward to tie. With the rivers around western Montana shaping up and the salmonflies in most of the drainages, little fish and big ones alike are pressed up against the willows and grassy banks taking advantage of the big bugs migration to the shoreline, and the big guys won’t pass up a chunk of meat like the Lady GaGa. Tuck it tight to the banks and let it roll through the big holes, and hold on. A great streamer to tie up, and a great tutorial as well.


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