Green Means Go

Following last week’s rain we’ve got a blast of hot weather that makes for some serious crotch-pot cooking if you’re stuck in the office, and some great wet wading on the creeks of western Montana. The salmonfly hatches on Rock Creek and the upper Bitterroot are keeping lines tight on most days, but you never know when the fish decide to quit eating them. Lucky for us anglers, there are plenty of  other bugs on the menu these days, and sometimes the slightly smaller golden stones or even the mayfly patterns are finding the fish more than others. We spent Sunday on the lower Blackfoot covered in salmonflies, but the fish hadn’t really keyed in on them just yet and the water was still carrying a lot of sediment. We gave it two days before it would really come into shape, and for once in our lives we were right. Even a broken clock, as the saying goes.

We’ll take those afternoon clouds on the Blackfoot every time. Except when we forget our rain gear. 

The Blackfoot is on the board with the salmonflies getting munched, and it’s just in time to spread out the river traffic a bit. Speaking of spreading out the boats, the shuttle crews are waiting for your call and as the week goes on we’ll see more sections of our rivers come into shape. You could be the ones getting the big fish on the upper Clark Fork, or maybe you’ll have a 40-fish day way below town. You just never know, but us shuttle bums will get you there either way. Maybe go chase some warm water species. As long as you’re having fun on the water, it’s worth the time. The hot weather and bright sun doesn’t always make for the best fishing but you gotta make hay while the sun shines, so find your water and get after it. When it’s pushing 95 degrees outside, where would you rather be? Knee deep in the river, or knee deep in paperwork? Good choice.


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