Tuesday Tutorial: Green Drake by Bob Jacklin

This time of year, if you’re not carrying a few solid green drake patterns when you hit the water you could be stuck watching fish not eat your fly all day. The abundance of bugs on the water means the fish have lots of choices on the menu, but sometimes the big mayfly is the choice above all else. That said, it could be the tiny caddis they eat, or the giant golden stone, depending on the day – but you gotta carry them all. And when it comes to fly tying, it’s always good to look to the masters. Bob Jacklin is one of the greats, and is a wonderful instructor as well. He ties his version of the green drake for the Yellowstone river drainage, but that doesn’t mean it won’t knock them dead over the divide. When fish key in on the drakes, this is a great pattern with a traditional look and a sturdy construction. Find the materials, grab your thread and spin up this fly before you hit the water this week and try the drake when the going gets tough. It’s a great fly for June in western Montana, and a fun tie as well.


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