Throwback Thursday: One Fly to Rule Them All

Ah, evening caddis hatches. It might not technically be summer yet, but it’s off to a roaring good start all over western Montana. With summer comes the blanket evening caddis hatches on our rivers, and the fish feeding frenzy at the magic hour makes it easy to forget the long winter you spent flipping channels and dunking nymph rigs at any open water in sight. It doesn’t take much to find some willing fish on top most summer evenings. A decent drift over a pod of fish, and an elk hair caddis will do the trick. Somehow that fly seems to get buggier the more the fish chew it up, and one fly evenings are a thing of beauty. Heres to a throwback Thursday to podded up rainbow trout, and one elk hair caddis to stick ’em until the sun goes down. Thanks, Al Troth, we all owe you one.

Chomped and ragged, this elk hair caddis will still get eats until the sun goes down.

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