Tuesday Tutorial: Morrish Mouse

It’s summer, which means long evening floats and getting off the water after dark sometimes. What does night mean for trout? At night, the big boys come out to eat. Big predatory eats on streamers and any small animals unfortunate enough to fall into the drink. For years now, all over trout country anglers have been taking their cues from Alaska and venturing out in the dark of night to toss mouse patterns to the deep holes. It might be crazy, but its fun as hell. Might as well add your fly to the mix and see if you can get a big fish to stomp it. And when it comes to mouse patterns, the Morrish Mouse is king of the rodents. An easy tie, and a fun fly to stick in the box for those “Aw, what the hell” moments. Early morning and late evening, when predatory meat-eaters have left their holding water and gone on the hunt, this fly can get eaten in a big way. It doesn’t have to be night to toss a mouse pattern, but you do have to be a little crazy. This tutorial from In The Riffle has all you need to get mousey. You add the crazy.


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