Small Creeks and Mountain Ponds

Hoot Owl restrictions might be putting a damper on fishing the main stems of our local rivers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t options for those of you who are willing to get out and adventure a little. And by options, I mean hundreds. Fishing small creeks, mountain ponds, and lakes is still on the table for the season and taking a hike to some new water is always a great experience. Leave the cooler and the boat bag behind, stuff a few boxes in the sling pack and find fish that rarely see a fly, and have yet to see your terrible cast and you’re in business. Don’t know your way around? Stop in to your favorite fly shop and ask the boys behind the counter. They’ll point you in the right direction and equip you with a few bugs to get tangled in the bushes. Western Montana has more than it’s share of fishing opportunities that aren’t the Bitterroot, Blackfoot or Clark Fork, and its high time you saw them for yourself. Get out there and see what’s good.

Let this water rest a bit and find some skinny stuff. The Clark Fork River as it flows through downtown Missoula. 

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