Tuesday Tutorial: The Buzzball

I was stuck at Kona bridge west of town for a while yesterday in between shuttles, so naturally with a little time on my hands I was drawn to the river’s edge to see what was going on. Lots of midges. Lots of fish taking midges in big gulps when the cluster moved too far from their log cover. Lots of big fish moving on tiny flies. Fish eating midges happens every day, but rarely do we remember to tie on a midge pattern and give it a shot, even though the Griffith’s gnat is a must-have on most rivers, it rarely leaves the box for some anglers. If you’re a tailwaters guy this probably isn’t the case. But most of us freestone guys could take a few pointers on the tiny dry game from the tailwaters dudes, and when it comes to tailwaters dudes there aren’t a lot out there more fun than the Headhunters crew over on the Missouri. They’ve got a great tutorial for one of my favorite caddis/midge cluster/ dead bug flies: Gary LaFontaine’s Buzzball. Just a great easy, ugly fly that puts in work when the situation calls for it. And the situation calls for it more often than we think. Get out your bad hackle and your good hooks, and spin up a few. I know if I’d had one at Kona bridge yesterday morning, I’d have stuck a few fish with it quick.


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