Bighorn Bound? You Need This Book.

There are two kinds of Montana fly-slingers: those who are fishing the Bighorn river, and those that want to. It’s a legendary tailwater with hatches that will put your game to the test. The kind of river that puts dry-fly addicts in the mood for some tiny tippet and midge patterns. World’s best tailwater? Those might be fighting words to the boys in Craig, but the trout count is undeniable. But even the Mo-heads will agree that good writing and solid information on fishing is always welcome, and within the pages of Steve Galleta’s new book, “Fly Fishing the Bighorn River: Hatches, Fly Patterns, Access, and Guide’s Advice” is plenty of it.

Books are what people did before the internet. Too bad for you dummies it’s also where all the really good information still lives. Get yourself a copy, book your Bighorn trip, and stop being such a basement-dwelling loser all your life. 

As a serious fishing nerd fly fishing books stack up quick around here, but few offer the kind of solid technical fishing information that we all crave. Well, this one’s got the goods for the Bighorn river, and plenty of the information contained within can be translated into better fishing on your home waters. Guide interviews, hatches broken down for the non-bug nerds, and the product of more than fifteen years of guiding on the river and enough real-world fishing tips to make the trout geek salivate. I’m hoping to get the time this season to head over to the Bighorn myself, where their season is just kicking off in earnest as the water levels drop into shape, but until then I’ll do my share of dreaming while thumbing through my copy of Steve’s book. There are a few good ways to get your own copy, and if you’ve got an Amazon Prime account it can be on your doorstep tomorrow right here. Or you can buy it straight from the source over at the Bighorn Angler. I’d let you borrow mine, but then I don’t want to chase you down to get it back. And I’ll want it back.


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