Where There’s Smoke…

The dry summer we’ve had in western Montana hasn’t let up, and wildfire season has begun in fits and starts around the region. The wet July we experienced was a saving grace for the rivers, giving us colder water temps and happy fish, but the rainfall wasn’t enough to alleviate the dry conditions in the hills, and two separate but small fires popped up Sunday, sending smoke along the Blackfoot river corridor and a quick response from fire crews. But smoky skies aren’t all bad. Artificial cloud cover keeps those trout looking up.

A firefighter looks on as the Rock Creek fire is contained. Photo via Missoulian.com

A small fire near Arlee and a similarly sized fire off of Interstate 90 near Rock Creek are sending smoke into the Missoula valley, though with their small size the containment should help alleviate smoky conditions soon. Until then, your Buff can double as a breather, or you could just pretend you’re standing near a campfire while you toss your bugs this week. Fishing is good, fires are bound to happen with dry conditions, and we’re out here. Don’t let fire season keep you from getting after the trout, but try to limit your exposure time and keep those floats short and sweet until the smoke clears.


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