SKWALA from PMD Productions

Looking for a break from the heat and low water? Well, how about a little throwback to the colder days and clear water of early spring? Sound good? Thought so. Lucky for you, it looks even better when it’s through the lens of PMD Productions.

These dudes ’bout to catch some fish. You wish you were there.

This killer Montana Fishing Film Festival short “SKWALA” will have you wishing for a good old chilly camp by the river and a day of skittering the skinny bugs before you know it. Give it a watch – hell, give it two watches – and before you know it the sunburn and glazed eyes from the early August guide days on the water will shake right off. The full film was featured at the Montana Fishing Film Festival in 2016 and if you don’t know, now you know. Great stuff from the local talent. Did I mention you should watch it twice?

SKWALA from PMD Productions on Vimeo.

What is the Skwala Hatch?
The skwala hatch is western Montana’s first true dry fly fishing opportunity. The skwala is an olive green stonefly that hatches in early March and gets things going for the Missoula area. For my comprehensive post on the Skwala bug, check out my What is a Skwala? article.
I’ve written quite a bit about this legendary hatch, which is famous for it’s elusiveness as well as it’s early dry fly fishing opportunities. You can read about some of my favorite flies for the early skwala hatch here,  and get great tutorials for some of the flies you should carry during the skwala hatch with these how-tos on the Gray’s Low-Pro Skwala, the Foam Extended Body Bullethead Skwala, one of my favorite go-to flies and a great skwala pattern, The Bugmeister, a must-have nymph pattern the 20-Incher Stone and a killer classic that needs to be in your skwala fly box, the Soft Hackle. Finally, when things get tricky during this hatch you’ll need some options, which I’ve outlined in my post about Early Spring Dry Fly Options. Armed with this excellent video as inspiration, and the information from my articles, you should be more than ready to hit the water in March in Montana for this awesome hatch.


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