Tuesday Tutorial: Chaos Hopper

Quick and easy, catches the big ones. What more do you need? Low water everywhere, but the banks are still clicking away with hoppers these days. I like a small hopper that sits flush in the surface film, and the Chaos Hopper is one of those patterns you can whip up enough for a guide day in a hurry, and find fish on until the legs fall off. Big foam hoppers with lots of bells and whistles might be all the rage in the fly bins, but these simple ones get the job done and don’t take a lot of steps to tie, so give this tutorial a look and bang out a few bank bangers of your own. When you’re finished with this pattern, I’ve got a lot more tutorials on hoppers that work great for fly fishing to big trout. Check out the original bank robber, Dave’s Hopper, or size this pattern down for a real sneaky version, the Micro Chaos Hopper. But before you go, don’t forget to get my guide’s tips on hopper fishing in this post, “Splat, Twitch, Set!”


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