Tuesday Tutorial: Sparkle Wing Trico

Lots of times, when the tying gets tiny things get a little sloppy. Not so with this sparkle wing trico by Hammer Creek Fly Fishing. What a beauty for the trico hatch, which is a great one to fish for you tiny dry fly freaks. I fish a variety of trico patterns during the hatch, but few are as elegant or effective as this sparkle wing version. When attempting a new small dry fly pattern, try a few on a hook a few sizes up to get used to the steps, then drop it down to the size you want to actually fish. I’ve got some more great advice on tying the small stuff here. The first few larger versions might not look as pretty, but they still can fish so toss ’em in the box or give them to your fishing friends. The wings on this trico pattern can give you fits at first, but the steps are explained perfectly in the tutorial, and with a little practice you’ll get the hang of it. By the end of your first dozen, things will be just dandy and you’ll be armed and dangerous for the lower Clark Fork this weekend. When you’re in the mood for another great trico pattern, be sure to check out this tutorial for the Trico Spinner.


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