Tuesday Tutorial: Sparkle Minnow

You can tell fall is just around the corner because the shops are full of college kids back in town, the fish are getting picky, and most of all the streamer bins are getting thin. Shelling out five bucks for a streamer at the shop is just fine if you need to get out to the river in a hurry, but it is well worth it to learn to tie some big meat yourself- your wallet will thank you, and there’s nothing like sticking a big fish on a pile of fur and feathers you mashed together yourself. One of the fun things about streamers is that you don’t really have to be all that a great a fly tier to lash some feathers down and make them work. Experimentation is encouraged, but don’t go thinking you reinvented the wheel. The world doesn’t necessarily need a new streamer with a catchy name, but that doesn’t stop every amateur tier out there from thinking that they just gave birth to the next great fish-catching pattern. Streamers don’t have to be super fancy (hough the trend to more bells and whistles is still going strong) the simple patterns still move fish, and sometimes the dull patterns will take the snotty fish when the flashy stuff gets ignored. But when it comes to the perfect blend of flash and fish-grabbing goodness, the streamer junkies will tell you one of the best fixes out there is the sparkle minnow. A great pattern in small sizes, big articulated patterns, and everything in between, the sparkle minnow is a fast tie and a good option for tossing this time of year when the fish ignore your dries. As always, the guys at Fly Fish Food have put together a great video and added a bit of a twist to the pattern, which is just fine by me. Give this one a try and show those fish you mean business.


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