Tuesday Tutorial: October Caddis Pupa

As the summer rolls to an end and the fall looms in the near distance, the big bug on the menu for trout in western Montana becomes the October caddis. While the mayflies tend to be smaller in the fall, the October caddis is a fatty. Big, orange, and skate-able for a fun strike from the larger fish. While the bugs aren’t out just yet, in the later part of August and early September we can get ahead of the hatch and sometimes fish a caddis pupa. October caddis are super buggy, with lots of mottled brown wing, antenna and legs hanging off of their dull orange bodies, and this tutorial from Utah Fly Fishing does a great job of imitating the big guys while they’re underneath. It’s a quick tie, though this tutorial runs a little long, and the steps are simple enough that you can twist up a few to stick in the corner of the box quickly and forget about them until you need them. Give this pattern a try and get ready for fall.


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