Tuesday Tutorial: Butch Caddis

When fishing smaller flies from a boat, oftentimes you can lose sight of the little guys in the quick stuff. With the fall caddis hatch starting to pump up, a great floating fly that you can dive under the water and let pop back up is an excellent addition to the box, whether you’re fishing from the boat or wading some faster riffles. I love Kelly Galloup’s Butch Caddis because it finds a simple solution to a common problem, and produces a fly that fishes strong without relying on some “gotta run to the fly shop” material. Everything used is probably handy at your tying table. Kelly is without a doubt one of there most influential fly tyers and anglers of our time, and this video from The Weekly Fly is full of quick tips that can make your tying better for the long run. I tie this fly in small sizes without legs, and in larger sizes with the legs, though I’ve found that it gets eats in both versions. The legs are pretty dang sexy though, so add -’em if you got ’em. Switch up that body color and be sure to have some larger orange ones for the October caddis! Go get it.


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