Oh Hey, It’s Fall I Guess…

The weather in Missoula continues to be warm, dry, and sunny. Unseasonably warm. Unseasonably dry. Unseasonably sunny. Does that mean good fishing? Sure, why not. We’ve got cool nights and the fish are happy. Does it feel like October in Montana? Not in the least. Though ideally we’d all like a few more rainy days and some consistent cloud cover, with the school year well underway and the hunting season just revving up, the river traffic has dropped to nothing and floats without seeing another boat are available around Missoula at last. And lets not forget those fall spawn feeder creeks, which intrepid wade fisherman are finding fat fish in on the regular. Even the shuttle bums are putting hooks to fish more often, which is always welcome.

Captain cutty himself, Court Hadden drops your rig off on time and finds some fish on a cloudless October day.

Fall colors are happening under cloudless skies, and though some days the dry fly bite is slower than we’d like, some serious fish are being turned on streamers and the occasional nymph. We’re all waiting for the clouds to come in, but guides are still grinding, fish are still willing and the lack of water all season seems to have put an urgency into the big fish as the nights grow longer. Get up early and toss a streamer at ’em at dawn and see what happens. Or stay out late and watch the risers. It might not seem like October when you’re stripping off the layers at eleven in the morning, but those fall colors will keep you slinging bugs until the lights go out.

This is October? Court might believe it, but I don’t. Lower Clark Fork cute without another boat all day.


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