Cold Settles In

The Thanksgiving weekend brought a cold snap that made deep frying a turkey a tricky task, and built up the ice shelves along the rivers enough to keep us inside watching football and tying flies. We’ll wait for a winter warmup before heading out again, mostly because getting waist-deep in the cold stuff these days will give you a whole new meaning to “dunking your worm”. If you braved the chill and found some fish you’re a braver man than I. Now is the time of year when I like to drop the big double rigs down deep on some stouter tippet and roll them along the bottom. Heavier tippet and split shot not because I care about losing a few flies, but I do care about tying new ones on with frozen vienna sausages for fingers. If I hook a fish, play it a bit and it shakes off, I’m counting that as a win – didn’t even have to get my hands wet.

Pre-snowfall in western Montana ain’t too bad to look at. We haven’t seen the snowfall I’d like for winter yet,
 and slowly but surely winter is settling in.

Bottom-rolling stones, wire worms and chzech-style caddis nymphs are worth bumping along the streambed, and don’t forget the skinny water right in front of you. If you’re fishing that is. If you’re tying flies and eating pies, loosen up the belt or switch to suspenders. You’ll thank me later.


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