Tuesday Tutorial: JuJu Baetis

When it comes to drop-dead sexy flies that catch fish, Charlie Craven is one of the best. His enthusiasm for creating new patterns that improve on classic designs and his use of new materials has produced some of the best fish magnets around, and Craven’s JuJu Baetis is one of my all time favorite flies to drop behind an attractor whenever, wherever small bugs are present. This pattern does take some specialized materials: UV epoxy, Super Hair, Flouro Fiber… But in the case of this fly, it isn’t just using these materials for the fun of it, every step adds to the fish-catching abilities of the fly. The Super Hair rib creates tight segmentation. The Flouro Fiber adds just the right amount of UV spectrum to the fly, and the epoxy makes a great gas bubble while making it damn near bombproof as well. There are a few tutorials available on the web for this fly, but this one from Ryan Keyes is damn near flawless. Yes, it is a little on the long side, but slowing down on this pattern until you’ve got the process down pat really helps produce great flies, and before you know it you’re tossing dozens into the box. This is a fly worth the extra steps, and Ryan does a great job breaking down the steps. Get after it!


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