Video Break: Epic on THE BIGHORN

LG might not like me too much, but he sure as hell makes a nice fly fishing video. What’s not to like about a visit by a seasoned guide to the Bighorn with two if it’s best guides, Seth Byler and Steve Galleta? Sure, as LG says there’s no restaurants, no booze and no women, but there is some of the best dry fly fishing in the world and they do it right with some help from the legends at Bighorn Angler. There are very few guides around that know the Bighorn like the crew at the Bighorn Angler, and with LG tossing the bugs you know they’ll stick some fish quick. Tiny dry flies, unique spots on the river and fish on. It’s a long drive from anywhere to Fort Smith where the Bighorn lies, but if you’re going to do it leave the nymph box in the truck and get tech on the dries. This is a great video to get you in the mood to set aside some time for a Bighorn trip next season. Or just to tie up some tiny flies- like a size 22 para spinner that knocks some trout for LG here. Check out Epic Montana’s “Epic Montana Trout Rivers – THE BIGHORN” and break out the bifocals for your next tying session.


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