Tuesday Tutorial: The Amex

Zach went to North Dakota for a week and forgot to bring me back a t-shirt from the best restaurant in North Dakota (Applebees.) he headed to the river the first chance he could get, and when I asked him how the fishing was he said, “It got real cold around here last week, didn’t it?” Yep. Cold, icy, and the rivers have more shelves than an Ikea display. It’s warmed up since, and we dealt with a whole bunch of rain yesterday which should have been snow, but the fishing has definitely hit that winter stride, which means only one thing: bring out the pink. Pink worms, pink scuds, pink czech nymphs, and lots of ’em. My tying lately has been focused on filling holes in my nymph boxes, with lots of baetis and smaller mayfly stuff going in there just because. But if you’re looking to get out this winter you might as well get started on a winter nymphing box filled with what I consider to be winter essentials: wire worms, hare’s ears with hot beads, and a whole lot of bottom rolling nymphs in various hot colors. Your basic hot beaded bullshit. If you really want to get fishing in the winter, its worth taking a trip over the hill to the Missouri before Issac’s shuts down for the season, so you can get a hot meal after the river. And if you’re headed that way, you need your hot beaded bullshit. So who better to show you how to tie up a great winter fly than the Headhunters themselves? The Amex is a quick tie that will fill a slot in your box fast, and get you into fish throughout the winter. Go get you some.


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