Throwback Thursday: Colors of the Season

It’s been a slow takeoff into winter here in western Montana, but as the calendar days tick by we’re starting to miss that summer weather. Ain’t it always like that? When you’re yanking on the oars under the blazing August heat there’s no way you’d think you could ever miss it when the weather finally breaks. But then there it is, gone. With days of rain and ugly coming over there hills this week, I’m looking back to those August days on the water, and the cutthroat trout of the lower Blackfoot coming up for a dry fly without hesitation. The holidays are looming with green and red everywhere, but no Christmas decoration has ever held a candle to the shades of red and green on a native cutthroat gleaming in the sun. So here’s to a big snowpack this year to get those trout nice and comfy for winter, and a throwback Thursday to a shot of a beautiful cutthroat trout under the big sky in August.

Another gorgeous Blackfoot cutthroat comes to hand for Jayme Erickson in August. There’s no time like the holidays…Except maybe these. 


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