Tuesday Tutorial: The Galloup Hare’s Ear

The Hare’s Ear is a classic fly. Buggy and quick to tie, it catches fish all over the place. Like all classic flies, it has more variations and tweaks than a Danny Davis halfpipe run. Of all the tweaks and spins and switch stance variations on the hare’s ear, the one that I find does the best job of really making the hare’s ear the most effective mayfly dropper around is by tying it Kelly Galloup’s way. Most commercial hare’s ears are fat, ugly little things with big tails and weird humps. Not quite the fish-fooling fun that a well tied, sparsely dubbed beauty will produce. There really isn’t much to this fly, but the simple change of using a dubbing loop rather than twisting the hare’s ear directly on to the thread makes a big difference in slimming the body while adding a lot of movement that represents gills and legs and all things mayfly nymph. One thing that is great about Kelly Galloup’s tutorials is that he explains every step well, and why he does it. Good teaching. Great tutorial, and a simple fly that will find fish every time. Get on it.


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