Get Yourself Some Free Knowledge

If there’s one thing you can’t have too much of when you hit the river, it’s solid information and river knowledge from the generations of anglers that have come before you. Some of the best fly fishing information out there isn’t found on the web, and it might smell a little musty to boot. Books. You’ve heard of them, but have you actually like, booked, bro? You should. It’s pretty chill. They are these things kind of like iPads, but like, you can’t swipe right on them and they don’t play youtube. And if you’re a trout bum in a trout town in winter, now is the time to check out your local library where trout bums from years past have donated books that you might not find anywhere else. Want to read Gary LaFontaine’s classic, “Caddisflies”? If you fish the Blackfoot, you sure do. See, Mr. LaFontaine did his research with diving gear on that very river, among others. You can chalk up the importance of the caddis to flyfishing almost completely to him. Seriously. And his awesome and exhaustive book on the subject is going for… $81 on Amazon. Yep. Or you could head down to the Missoula Public Library, get yourself a free library card, and turn the pages for free. 

Some of the best books to while away the winter are located at the Missoula Public Library, and I’ll bet if you live in a trout town you’ll find some rare gems in your library as well. 

Be careful with these books, because they really are rare in every sense of the word. Flyfishing books aren’t mainstream books published by big companies for big audiences. It might seem like every dude with a beard and a flat-brimmed trucker hat is a flyfisherman in your town, but trust me that is not the case in the least when you consider book publishing. Twilight and Stephen King these books ain’t, when it comes to numbers. There are a few books at the library I will not name here that just flat can’t be found elsewhere, and contain more knowledge of a particular subject than all of the internet combined. Grab your library card and sidle up next to the bums in the lounge trying to keep warm. You never know, one of them might be an old guide waiting out winter just like you. Guides and bums often look very similar this time of year.


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