Tuesday Tutorial: Two Minute Zebra Midge

Two Minute tutorials are perfect for busting out a whole handful of flies in a hurry, and though this tutorial takes two minutes I’m betting once you’ve tied a few of these Zebra Midges you’ll be busting them out in about 30 seconds, especially if you measure and prep your materials beforehand. I like to tie these in a size 18 most of the time, though for my own boxes I have got a few down to the tiny 24s hanging around though they rarely see time on the water. The Zebra Midge is a great pattern for the late months of winter, and is a February staple on rivers like the Missouri, where midge hatches are more prolific than some of our closer waters. You can tie it in a dozen color combinations, though my personal favorites are red with a silver rib and purple with a black rib. But it’s just personal preference and I have no doubt the trout don’t care what colors you use. They like them. Lots. So get tying these when you’ve got two minutes away from the family over the holidays, and enjoy the snow that is packing into the hills of Missoula!


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