Three New Year’s Flyfishing Resolutions for 2016

Everyone loves to wake up New Year’s morning with a bright outlook on the future and some resolutions to get things headed in the right direction. Everyone likes to wake up without a hangover on New Year’s day too, but it’s ok if your head is pounding like the baseline of the music at that one bar you ended up at closing time, you know, the one that you swore you’d never end up at again. Whether you watched the ball drop and went to bed happy or staggered home lonely, scared and sure that the cab driver and you are best friends, you’ve still got fishing. And in 2016, there are some quick and easy resolutions you can be sure to keep when that new diet and workout plan fades away and the bugs start popping. Here are six to get you started.

When we double up, we double up big. Zach Orth with two huge trouts at once in 2015.
2016 might not see such big fish but we’ll sure try. 

1. Fish New Water
Never been to the Bighorn? Nothing’s stopping you in 2016. Outfitters and shops are open and waiting to help you make your dream trips realities for the upcoming season, and now is the time to book it and start saving. New water can be some of the most rewarding fishing you can do in 2016. Break the norm and plan your dream trip. New water doesn’t have to be speedy, and most likely wherever you live there is a species close by that you can get after. Pass that one creek on your drive home everyday? Make a point to hit it up. Make your New Year’s fishing resolution to get on some new water in 2016.

2. Leave the Confidence Flies at Home
We all do it. Stumped on the water, fish aren’t cooperating, something doesn’t seem right and the next thing you’re doing is pulling out the stimulators and fishing just like you did the day before and the day before that. If you find that you’re often using the same tried and true flies, it’s probably because they work so damn well. But it also can limit your fishing in a big way. In 2016, take a few days and leave the trusty box at home. If you’re a streamer guy, lighten up the tippet and give some dries a try. If you’re a nymph god, try swinging some soft hackles without an indicator. New techniques and new ways to find fish will only help your fishing in 2016, and one of the best ways to truly commit to trying a new technique is to make your New Year’s fishing resolution to keep those old faithfuls far from reach on the river, at least for a day.

3. Go Wormless
Commit to a year without the dirty worm. I dare you. This one might be the kind of insurmountable New Year’s resolution like saying, ” I’ll never eat a burger again!” But what the hell, go big and drop the worm for the year. You might leave a lot of fish behind this season, but man will you be able to hold your nose in the air next time you’re at the fly shop. What a cool dude you will be. Or maybe you’ll be like one of those vegan P90X guys and every damn conversation you have will be so damn smarmy people will avoid you like the plague. Just think of the space they’ll give you on the river! “Oh man, there’s that no worm dude again. Let’s skip down to the next hole before he sees us.”

Well these resolutions might not be all that, but I’m sure your 2016 fishing season will be. Commit to getting out on the water more, trying new techniques, and getting out of your fishing comfort zone. But most of all, commit to remembering at all times that fishing is just plain damn fun, and let’s plan on doing a lot of it in 2016. That seems like a resolution we know we can keep.


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