Tuesday Tutorial: RS2/Jujubeatis

Now, I know you like the RS-2. If you don’t like it, I can only guess you haven’t fished it.  If you don’t fish it, you should. Then you will like it. Because then you will know that the RS-2 is simply one of the very best emergers to tie on the back of your dry around. Unweighted and small, slim and buggy, just an all-around great pattern from Rim Chung, who developed the fly for Colorado’s South Platte River. The great thing about the RS-2 is it’s versatility- it can be fished from the bottom to the top of the water column, and makes a great trailer fly for a larger nymph or a big old dry. It’s small size and no weight also allows it to be easily fished behind smaller parachute mayfly patterns. A deadly combination for tough risers is tossing this thing on the swing as well. See? It does it all. It was exactly this kind of versatility that Charlie Craven had in mind when developing the Jujube series, and the eventual combination of his awesome fly and the RS-2 was inevitable. Charlie calls his version the Juju Emerger, and though there is not a high quality video tutorial for that exact fly, this combination by Minturn Anglers is a close match. And even better, it’s simplified when compared to the steps necessary to produce Charlie’s Juju Emerger, a change I’m sure Charlie would approve of. Tying with Jungle Hair can be tricky, but this video shows you a great trick to getting those close wraps started fast, and splitting the tailing fibers nicely as well. It’s a guidey version of two known killer flies, and it’s definitely worth it’s time on the vise. Give it a shot and pack a few of these next to your RS-2s this season.


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